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I am an author/series glutton.  There, I've admitted it.  
When I find an author I like, I read just about everything they've written.

I have moved on to Alice Hoffman.  I started reading her because I enjoy the film Practical Magic, which I own.  It was one of many movies I watched during five nights in the hospital with my 16 year old daughter.  She had surprise lung surgery, so you can imagine what an emotional basket case I was. It took a lot of effort to hold it together, but I managed, and films like this helped.   It is the kind of movie that cheers you up, and I needed cheering up pretty desperately.  Scrolling through the extra features, I read about Alice Hoffman, the author of the book that inspired the movie.  After a little research, I discovered that she is a prolific author, with more than 2 dozen books.  Perfect!  She has such a wealth of work that I will be in deep for quite awhile. 

There is not system or particular order to my readings or reviews of the books. I assign shamrocks for my reviews.  The best review will be  5 shamrocks.

Here is what I've read so far-
Alice Hoffman
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This was a spell-binder.  It is also one of my favorite types of fiction-historically accurate.  Set in New York at the end of the 1800's, the story focuses on the daughter of a Coney Island "curiosity" museum owner and her life inside the museum.  Great read.  The struggle for unionization and real historical events are secondary characters in this fascinating tale.  I was captivated.

Cecilia Ahern book reviews
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I read this one in spurts over a weekend.  LOVED IT!
What a unique idea; this woman's life personified comes calling on her!  I have to wonder if my life would be a worn out, smelly guy too?  Sometimes it sure feels like it must be so!

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I did enjoy the concept of this novel, and I was compelled to continue reading.  However, the ending was not fulfilling and felt contrived.

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Yes, yes.  I know this was made into a film.  There is a very good reason for that.  This is one awesome read!  There are some slow periods, but the author makes up for all.  LOVED!

Shamrock 1Shamrock 1Shamrock 1

It was hard for me to empathize with the main characters.  However, I enjoyed the journey. Well written, as are all her novels.

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Again, I enjoyed the concept of this novel, but, like other Ahern books, there were points where I was getting frustrated with the author.  There is a good message, as there is in all her books, but it felt like she was pounding it home a bit too hard.

Shamrock 1Shamrock 1Shamrock 1

Ok, so this is an interesting premise.  A woman is saved by a transfusion and suddenly finds that she is sharing the donors's memories, his likes, dislikes, even his education!  It is a fun read, then it gets pretty slow.  I don't think Ahern knew how to wrap this one up

Rosie Dunne

This book was so hard for me to read!  Talk about getting hit over the head with a hammer!! Golly, the main character can't get a break.  Everything predictably goes South each time she has a great opportunity.  Ho hum.

The Book of Tommorow 

I wandered into this novel discouraged after the Rosie Dunne experience, but once again, I am a believer!  The story is a combo.  Part mystery, part self realization of the main character.  I LOVED it!  I even read it while standing on line at the grocery store.  It traveled with me wherever I went until I was finished.  And then I went back and re-read some of it!
Thanks Cecelia Ahern!
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Rosie Dunne by [Ahern, Cecelia]Front Cover