Galena, IL

The view "out the back" of The Irish Cottage, April 21, 2012...are we in Ireland or Galena??
The Irish Cottage in Galena. 
 The Celtic Cross at the opening of the "Faerie Ring, and the explanation of the ring.  Click on the picture to expand.
Paddy Homan and Jimmy Moore performing
"The Black Velvet Band" at Frank O'Dowd's Pub at the Irish Cottage Hotel April 21, 2012

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Galena celebrates U.S, Grant's Birthday
Every year, Galena celebrates the birthday of one of its' favorite sons; Ulysses S. Grant. They have re-enactments of what life was like for the Union soldiers, including accurate replicas of uniforms, equipment, and weapons. Here you see the Union soldiers preparing to escort General Grant, his wife Julia and President Lincoln to the Galena Historical Museum. There, the two men engaged in a discussion about the politics of the time, their personal histories and the Civil War.
A button accordian player Busking on Main Street in Galena and an appreciative a fan. On a typical weekend in Galena you will enjoy many street performers hoping to make a couple of bucks from the visiting tourists.

One Eleven Main-our all-time favorite place to have a "fancy" dinner while in Galena