St. Louis, Missouri

The City Museum in St. Louis is an INCREDIBLE experience!
There you are; thirty feet above the ground, in a small wire tube overlooking the museum. Your heart beats faster, and faster, and faster! Finally, when it seems like your head may explode, you step out of the tube onto one of the seemingly infinite amount of jungle gyms. You are at the City Museum, located at 701 N 15th St, in St. Louis, Missouri. Our experience was a great one, spending all day exploring the museum, and yet still not being able to see everything there. Even with a few bumps and bruises, our outlook was always "what's next"? From the schoolbus that looms off the edge of the museum, to the ten-story slide, the museum was an adventure all in its own!
The St. Louis Science Center
The next stop on our trip took us to the St. Louis Science Center, 5050 Oakland Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri. It was a great stop for us and our little guy, because as soon as you enter, your breath is taken away by the tubes entwining the main foyer of the museum, each one carrying a seperate ball to another set of contraptions, turning them this way and that, lifting them up, bringing them down, it was an endless rollercoaster of balls! There were many features we enjoyed about the museum, including free admission!  In addition to that, there is a full omnimax theater in the dome, for which you can purchase tickets and watch a breath-taking film on the biggest screen you've ever seen! There was also a lot to do for the little guy.  The thing he liked most was the animatronic T-Rex on the lower level of the museum. There were many hands-on experiments you could take part in,  as well as permanent exihibits that were very enjoyable as well.