Breege (Bridget) Looney

posted Feb 15, 2012, 7:19 PM by Siobhainn O'Connor   [ updated Feb 20, 2016, 9:50 PM ]

Bridget here visiting with Margo in the studio, October, 2011 



Bridget Ellen Looney, fondly referred to as "Breege" hails from Belmullet, Co. Mayo. She is one of seven children.  Bridget arrived in Chicago, and that very same night she met the man she would marry; Tom Looney.  Bridget and Tom have four grown children and six grandchildren (so far).  They own The Abbey Pub, one of the sponsors of The O'Connor Show.  Bridget arrived in the studio one day to promote one of the many events she and Tom are involved in.  The story goes that Mike needed some help answering telephone calls, so he asked Bridget if she wouldn't mind.  After the program was through for the day, he asked if she thought she might like to come back and help out.  That was around 25 years ago, and Breege is still answering the phones and adding so much to the show.  She loves to chat (yes, we all do), and always has news.  We are so grateful to her for all the help she has generously given us through the years.  Bridget came on board with media experience; she and Tom had a cable program for a number of years which gave the current news in Ireland, including sports, and had entertainment as well.  
When asked what her proudest accomplishment is, after naming off all of her children and grandchildren, Bridget will tell you it was being nominated and winning "Erris Exile of the Year".  Here is the description given by the official Mayo website: 
"The 'Erris Exile of the Year Award' is open to persons born in Erris and who are now resident outside of Ireland, who have distinguished themselves by exceptional achievement whether through charitable, philanthropic or sporting endeavours, or notible commitment to the place of their birth."
Much deserved.  Congratulations, Bridget.
Here is Bridget with one of her favorite people, boxer Henry Coyle.  He comes from around Bridget's place in Mayo.