SERVICE MAX-previously Malek Heating and Cooling

We are thrilled to have Service Max as one of our sponsors! 

You may remember the affection that we all had for Malek Heating and Cooling, right?  In fact, we received calls in our studio about the unbelievable service and professionalism of Malek-all for a reasonable price.  Well....Malek Heating and Cooling are now SERVICE MAX!  Why the change of name?  When Mike and his crew were out working on jobs, they had so many folks asking them for recommendations for good, honest tradespeople.  Now, Mike Malek always has had licensed electricians and HVAC guys doing installs and more.  So Mike realized he could help out lots more folks if he officially offered those services.  To go along with the expansion, Mike Malek realized that a change of name would be necessary to create a new identity.  Otherwise, they would end up as Malek Heating and Cooling, Electric and Plumbing!  Pretty awkward! Here is their new site;

Or, give them a call @ 847 984-3985