Margaret O'Connor

Margaret O'Connor has been involved in the Mike O'Connor Show from day one.  From the beginning, it was her support that made the show what it is today.  Margaret has done it all; from wiping the vinyl records to hosting the show during Mike's annual trips to Ireland.    Margaret was born and raised in Kiltulla, Co. Galway, Ireland.  She is the eldest of five.  Her parents John and Mary Ellen (Finnegan) Whyte were primarily dairy farmers.  They kept ducks and hens and a few odd sheep. Her home included her parents, siblings, her grandmother "Ma Whyte" and her tyrannical Aunt Maggie.  She attended school in Athenry, Galway.  She completed her leaving certificate (5 honors) and left Ireland to go to her Uncle Tom Whyte in Boston.  It was there she met and married Mike O'Connor.  She & Mike lived in Boston, New Orleans & settled in Chicago.  She raised three children, has nine grandchildren, and was Mike's full-time caregiver.  She worked full-time and retired at 79.

Her wit is legendary, her impatience

for insincerity renowned, and her humor is quick &sharp. 

She describes herself as a "tough Galway woman".  A bit of trivia: she attends Mass daily, bakes the best Irish Bread (soda bread) on the planet, feeds the hungry, and would offer you her coat on a minus zero day if she felt you needed more than her.   She will also offer to take you down a peg or two if you need it, so mind your tongue.


Wedding day, April 1962

Mary Ellen & John Whyte, Johnny Whyte Jr. (baby), Ma Whyte and Marian(she's only Margaret in Chicago) around 2yrs old

Acclaimed artist Mary McSweeney stopped for a visit December 2011.  L-R  Margaret O'Connor, Siobhainn, Mary McSweeney