Useful Links

TThe following links were sent by a physical therapist-she works with the disabled and elderly-

Scams targeted @ Seniors-

Special Olympics Chicago

For further information, go to this link.  Find out about volunteering,  available programs, or making a donation.  The site also has info on Chicago Park District Classes for individuals with disabilities-or call 312 742-7529.



Irish Music School of Chicago


City of Chicago official website for official festivals and events-click on the link below: Social networking for Irish people abroad and in Ireland. is an online community with over 240,000 members worldwide. The site is for Irish expats, descendants and any person wishing to travel to Ireland. News and information, community and friendship

St. Patrick Fathers-   Find out about the work and mission of the St. Patrick Fathers; order cards, make a donation, and research St. Patrick! - download application for Queen contest, find out more about the downtown parade

SAVE SOME $$ USING THESE SITES: - this site consolidates all the discount gift card websites.  Shop for gift cards to your favorite stores, restaurant chains, home improvement,  etc.,  and buy them at a significant discount. -visit this site before you make any online purchase to check for coupons, specials, free shipping,etc. 

Do you love Comedy, live music, theatre?  Check out the below sites to check out the discount offerings.  Shows might be for the same night, or a few days out.

About Hot Tix

Hot Tix, a program of the League of Chicago Theatres, sells half price tickets to a wide variety of theatre productions for the current week as well as future performances. Hot Tix discounted tickets are available at our three outlet locations in downtown Chicago as well as online.

What is the League of Chicago Theatres?

The League of Chicago Theatres is an alliance of theatres which leverages its collective strength to promote, support, and advocate for Chicago’s theatre industry locally, nationally, and internationally. The League of Chicago Theatres is proud to serve a membership of more than 240 theatres, a rich and varied theatre community ranging from storefront, non-union theatres with budgets under $10,000 to major cultural centers with multi-million dollar shows. Hot Tix, which was founded in 1980, is a service of the League of Chicago Theatres and exists to further promote and support Chicago area theatres. - you can save major $$ here, but it does require "becoming a member".  If you don't mind constant emails to your inbox, Goldstar finds some great deals.  Be aware that the deals might be for performances might during the week, not the weekend.